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Clinically obese Michael Jackson fan who was nicknamed Belly Jean by bullies tells her tormentors to Beat It after shedding eight stone

A Michael Jackson fan taunted about her weight for a long time with cruel nicknames has finally told the bullies to conquer It by losing eight stone.

Noha Baghdady, 38, was overweight and zi xiu tang bee pollen unhappy weighing more than 17 stone and struggling to fit into a size 22. However when she got so fat that they felt not able to leave her own house, she chose to do...



Pageant mother secretly feeds daughter tapeworms as weight reduction aid

While there are many unfortunate events that occur daily in the current society, there are none quite as sad like a mother abusing the trust of her own daughter.

In Florida, the ER nurse Maricar 2 day diet new Cabral-Osorio tells the tragic story of the mother giving her own daughter an herbal viagra filled with tapeworms to help her slim down. The litttle lady checked into...


Breakfast Rules For simple Weight Loss

Weight loss usually requires a mixture of efforts - from healthy diets that control calorie intake to daily exercises directed at reducing fat deposits from unwanted places and increasing the overall muscle tissue.

Weight loss is also not always concerning slimming factor the fad diets that people read about in a lot of fashion and lifestyle magazines. Primarily, it calls ...


Weight loss formula: take the entertainment out of food

Karen "KJ" Luther's story of going from 387 pounds to 142 pounds wasn't supposed to be a triumph for anyone but her. Then, she posted her stories on Facebook."It seems like a fairy tale. But after my before and after japan hokkaido slimming pills photo appeared on Facebook, a lot of people, in several hours, sent messages." Now, her page, "Cake? Yes please," has a large number...



Why diets aren't effective - three things you need to know...

Each year huge numbers of people all over the world go on a diet to lose weight. And each year millions of these dieters give up their diet and put the load back on, and frequently even more.

Whenever you lose weight you lose 7 days herbal slim muscle and fat, however when you put the weight back onto it is simply fat you are storing. So diets are arguably a greater health...


Intake control for clean plate club members

When Leonardo da Vinci painted "The Last Supper" around 1492, the meals up for grabs (including eel with orange slices) was pretty sparse, and also the dishes were small. But, based on research of 52 of the best-known 2x powerful slimming renditions of this occasion, the greater recent paintings show entrees that are 69 percent larger than in earlier depictions and serving...


Warrior Cops Lose a Round in Missouri

On Monday, I decided to invest my evenings flipping back-and-forth between Fox News and MSNBC because the two cable channels handled the dueling stories of the United States tiptoeing right into a third war in Iraq and the sudden appearance of what appeared to be a police state in a little town outside St Louis. From Monday to Friday, the Ferguson, Missouri story has gone from...


High Intensity Workouts -- Interactive Fitness Program Reviews

The main purpose of the web site slimming factor would be to educate and inform readers about the different at home fitness programs available and which among them are the best and most effective through their thorough and unbiased reviews. The website employs a rating system to provide Best fitness program reviews to help individuals make informed decisions about popular...


Miranda Kerr and Megan Fox Swear By This Vinegar Diet Trick

Guess what happens they say: A spoonful of sugar helps the medication go down. Or is it a spoonful of vinegar helps celebrities stay fit?

Stars like Miranda Kerr and Megan sport burner diet pills Fox happen to be vocal about their love of apple cider vinegar for a long time now, and this trend isn't going away. In 2010 Megan Fox said, "It just cleanses your system...


Healthy living: Kimberly Richardson

Kimberly Richardson, referred to as Kimmie Rich, is 34 and resides in the Fondren section of Jackson. She runs Rich Fitness Studio at 2727 Old Canton Road with business partner Cortney Davis. She earned a slimming factor bachelor's degree in English from Jackson State University and taught for a while. She moved away but eventually returned to Jackson to spread out her...