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A healthier lifestyle: Kimberly Richardson

Kimberly Richardson, known as Kimmie Rich, is 34 and resides in the Fondren section of Jackson. She runs Rich Fitness Studio at 2727 Old Canton Road with business partner Cortney Davis. She earned a bachelor's zhen de shou degree in English from Jackson State University and taught for a while. She moved away but eventually returned to Jackson to open her studio.

Growing up,...



For these thrifting friends, it's the 'thrill of the hunt'

Me neither, until my pal Susan Stubbs explained about it. We've known each other forever. We was raised together and spent zhen de shou our summers by the pool. Still do.

One day last week, Susan said, "Come thrifting around!" She explained that a number of her friends from Knox Junior high school, where she teaches sixth grade, goes thrifting a minimum of 3 times a year....


Juicing one way to get fruits, vegetables in diet

The term "juicing" continues to be circulating lately among celebrities and the public. Juicing means you place fruit and/or vegetables along with other ingredients, such as protein powder, peanut butter, (just about anything really) into a juicing machine, which extracts the juice in the food and leaves you with a clear combined liquid, which you'll drink. If you really don't...


Try to have at least one day of rest between your walking

Tips that can help you get started: * Take a stroll when your energy level is low (it will give you a lift) * Walk to work * Walk before breakfast * Walk within the mall when the weather is bad * Obtain a friend to walk along with you * Walking is a great way of spending time with your mate or perhaps your children A Quick Walking Program 1st Week Walk 20 min. Record...



Would you gain or lose weight when stressed?

While weight gain is usually associated with stress, it also triggers weight reduction in lots of people. Here's how you can decode which category you fall under... For most people, stress goes beyond the typical feeling of anxiety and discomfort. Although it adds to putting on weight in many people, you will find others who lose weight drastically when under stress. Says...