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Al Sharpton Loves Humiliating Fat People


Former 300-pounder Al Sharpton hates prejudice--unless its against fat people.

The Post reported that the 7 days herbal slim Reverend, who shredded over 150 pounds after a weight strict diet in 2009, now mercilessly ridicules fatties at every opportunity.
"Since I lost weight, I discuss fat folk real bad," Sharpton said at his daughter"s fashion show in April. "I like keeping fat folk around me in order to just discuss them."
Sharpton is especially revolted by formerly hot ladies who have packed on pounds, recalling a woman from his hometown who "was slim, trim, the finest girl in Tilden," but is now disgustingly "obese."
"Every fine girl is two big Whoppers away from obesity," Sharpton concluded.
Sharpton recently witnessed obesity in action at Sylvia"s BBQ in Harlem, where Sharpton publicly chastised a lady to have "the nerve" to inquire about Sweet"N Low.
"I just got mad," the Reverend said. "So I couldn"t go anymore and said, "Miss, lemme inquire something. All that you took, exactly what do you need Sweet"N Low? I mean, you simply be feel good? You may as well pour the whole bag of sugar in the cup."
In May, while attempting to rally protestors for a demonstration in the United Nations, Sharpton said, "A large amount of y"all ain"t not doing anything but going to lunch. And most of y"all don"t need no lunch. Y"all have to walk over to the UN and lose some weight anyhow."
The Christian clergyman wants you to know Jesus doesn"t like fat people either. Based on the Smoking Gun, yesterday Easter, Sharpton told imelda perfect slim a candy-loving woman, "As old when you are... you overweight, obese, got diabetes searching for some corn candy and jelly beans." He added, "Talk concerning the resurrection, you gettin" prepared to have a crucifixion if you eat them jelly beans."


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