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Biggest Loser Glory Days- White men CAN jump!


Biggest Loser this week saw a twist hanging around along with a challenge of a different. If they lose a combined 50 pounds as a group then nobody gets 

With 9 people left standing that's 5.5lbs each which sounds reasonable enough given you possess the top players Fruta Planta Reduce Weight losing nearly ten pounds per week but you
have those dragging their feet who are only losing several not to mention the inexplicable Jessie, who just can't appear to get his numbers up.
However, should they not reach their goal the yellow line is back into play which means that a minimum of we have seen a cliffhanger ending of an actual
elimination versus the immediate expulsion in the red line.
I really like that they found a way to bring the elimination back--.because it was really lacking from an excitement perspective. It also a great way to
gauge who is actually playing the sport to win versus somebody that is simply at "fat camp" to lose weight.

The actual challenge this week is really a sand challenge. They have to carry bags of sand in one place to another, develop a sand hill, climb to the top of
it and jump up striking in a 14 ft high sign post marked with different weights. Whether they can jump and hit each marker off it requires off just how much
weight the audience will have to lose now to remain safe down to 40 pounds as a group which may be an average of just over 4 lbs each.
So we have Red, White and Blue teams working together----oh so a American plus they get together well, with their athletic backgrounds showing that they're
comfortable working in a team environment.
Proving that someone has an engineering background they build a sand bag foundation, a hill and then have all the players lay round the hill to keep it
stable. Have to admit I would never have considered that. It also had me gripping the edges of my chair as Scott leaped into the air coupled with just one
approach to take - down on top of his fellow contestants, nearly knocking his fellow contestants out.
However, Scott proved that White men can jump and knocked every peg off, bringing their combined weight loss to 40 pounds to all have the ability to stay
another week.
Now additionally they train as a team and a lot of from the contestants are actually transforming before our very eyes.
Scott appears like any other guy his age and you can see that All American apple pie guy returning.
Rob, however is distracted so Dolvett goes to talk to him and Rob admits that his his self hate was his fuel--..and also, since he stopped hating himself he
was struggling to find the fire to help keep going. In reality he really was feeling that standard exhaustion of somebody realizing that despite losing a
huge slice of weight, he still has 120 pounds to visit. I've been there done fat. You lose 70 pounds but nonetheless have that much and more to go. You're
tired and hungry and you just find it difficult to see the finish line. And that is if you need to dig deep and have a trip to a time.
Dolvett suggests he stops making pain his friend (or fuel) and invites him to some life of respecting and nurturing himself.
This week also marks the the anniversary of Woody's wife's death and he is can not deal with it outside of an environment where he'd bury the pain sensation
in food.
Serious, I was howling as he shared how he lost his prolonged closest friend, the love of his life, the one and only true love--he did not know how you can
do without her and with the assistance of the trainers decides to celebrate her life and live his for his children as well as for him, that is precisely what
she would have wanted.----
The trainers bring them on the hike and at the top mountain they're each inspired to release butterflies and to stat their new intentions as they transform
their lives.
It was such a beautiful moment and the like a lovely method to honor the memory of Woody's wife and to give him a new memory of a painful day.
So weigh in comes and they've just under 4 pounds each to lose to stay safe.
However we visit Meizitang Strong Version Comeback Canyon which is Rondalee versus Damien. Rondalee could be back for any third week if she can beat him but she loses 4 pounds to
Damien, who looks incredible now and loses a remarkable 11 pounds!!!!! Rondalee heads home and Damien has returned for an additional chance at heading back
to the ranch to win the big prize.


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