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Bruce Jenner: Spanx obsession and plastic surgery ignite sex change rumors


Bruce Jenner has sparked more rumors that he secretly really wants to undergo a sex change operation after his alleged obsession slim forte capsule with wearing Spanx undergarments became public.
Sources said Jenner is becoming so neurotic about his body image he has started wearing Spanx slimming girdles under his clothes "all the time."
"Bruce? beats himself ?up for not having the ripped abs he had as a pro athlete," a resource told OK! "He wants individuals to think that he's still ripped."
Jenner's stepdaughter, Kim Kardashian, continues to be open about her passion for Spanx, and it has been photographed wearing them under her body-hugging red carpet fashions. Kardashian recently revealed she dropped a few pounds having a low carb ketogenic style diet and corset "waist training," which involves wearing a corset for longer amounts of time to make it smaller.
When Bruce won the decathlon gold medal in the 1976 Montreal Olympics, he'd a rippling physique. He's since stayed slim because of an energetic lifestyle that includes lots of golfing.
Recently Shaved Down Adam's Apple, a Precursor to Sex Change
Jenner, 64, recently made headlines after you have a laryngeal shave, a cosmetic surgery method that flattens the Adam's apple. The procedure is usually a precursor to a sex change operation. The laryngeal shave, along withthat he was thinking about getting a sex change to fulfill his fantasy to become a lady.
But Bruce's estranged wife, Kris Jenner, has slammed the sex change rumors as tabloid lies. "[The sex-change operation] is really a story that they keep regurgitating from the '70s," said Kris. "Ninety-nine percent from the stuff within the tabloids is composed."
Sources said the former Olympic gold medalist does not wish to be a woman, but is obsessed with looking young and thinks plastic surgery may be the answer. Jenner has been tabloid fodder for his numerous plastic surgeries through the years. He got a nose job and a partial facelift in 1984, an additional corrective facelift in 2009.
Experts said Jenner's numerous plastic surgeries likely originate from body dysmorphic disorder, which is an obsessive preoccupation having a minor or nonexistent physical flaw.
Meanwhile, Bruce's stepson, Rob Kardashian, has reportedly set an objective to get rid of 50 pounds 2 day diet japan lingzhi through diet and exercise following his recent 70-pound weight gain. Rob continues to be extremely depressed and is near diabetes and kidney failure, based on a current doctor's visit.


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