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What kind of men do women really prefer - hunky or chunky?

Are men that spend hours during a workout session sculpting a toned body to attract the women wasting their time?

Apparently three-quarters of women 7 days herbal slim similar to their blokes more chunky than hunky since they're much less likely to judge their girlfriend's body.

Along with a whopping 95% told researchers that eating out by having an image-conscious...


What's Driving America's Obesity Problem?

Currently, nearly two-thirds of american citizens are overweight. By 2030 it is estimated over fifty percent the population might be clinically obese. Childhood obesity has tripled, and many children will develop to be 7 days herbal slim overweight as well. The United States might be in the midst of raising the first generation, since our nation's founding, which will have a...


Vidya Balan has to slim down

Mohit Suri has proved with Ek Villain that he can set the money registers ringing without Bhatts. However, he returns towards the family banner to wield the megaphone for cousin Emraan Hashmi's next with Vidya Balan. Excerpts from a job interview:

You moved from the Bhatt camp to 7 days herbal slim prove a place. Do you feel validated following the recent hit? True. I'm...


Al Sharpton Loves Humiliating Fat People

Former 300-pounder Al Sharpton hates prejudice--unless its against fat people.

The Post reported that the 7 days herbal slim Reverend, who shredded over 150 pounds after a weight strict diet in 2009, now mercilessly ridicules fatties at every opportunity. "Since I lost weight, I discuss fat folk real bad," Sharpton said at his daughter"s fashion show in April. "I like...


Why diets aren't effective - three things you need to know...

Each year huge numbers of people all over the world go on a diet to lose weight. And each year millions of these dieters give up their diet and put the load back on, and frequently even more.

Whenever you lose weight you lose 7 days herbal slim muscle and fat, however when you put the weight back onto it is simply fat you are storing. So diets are arguably a greater health...