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EverFit results in healthy path at new Green Oak locale


Beth Rzendzian has been been interested in fitness and the body.

The Howell High School graduate earned a degree in kinesiology from Michigan State University and launched EverFit several zi xiu tang beauty face & figure capsule years ago, dealing with local gyms and providing in-home training sessions to individual clients.

Rzendzian, 32, now has her very own facility, where she and her team of trainers focus on weight loss, body performance and function, and wellness coaching, often dealing with clients who may have had injuries or surgeries.

EverFit Training Studio opened its doors this summer in the Green Oak Village Place shopping mall in Green Oak Township. A ribbon-cutting ceremony along with a grand-opening celebration are positioned for Friday and Saturday, respectively.

EverFit, Rzendzian said, takes a team method of helping clients reach their set goals.

"Most people who walk in the door say they want to slim down or they would like to tone up so that they feel good. Therefore we find out how shall we be going to get you there," Rzendzian said.

People who want to slim down might be amazed at the things they won't find at EverFit.

"We don't even own a scale here," Rzendzian said. "Basically, we want to see body change, you want to get people thinking of a healthier way of weight loss where they are not obsessive about the scale. The scale only tells half the storyline."

To assist its clients reach their goals, EverFit provides a number of tools such as exercise classes, group and one-on-one training sessions, and nutritional consulting.

A lot of EverFit's devices are Pilates-based, Rzendzian said. The fitness studio also boasts unique features for example aerial yoga sessions and a HydroMassage table.

Motivation and commitment are a couple of of the keys to success, Rzendzian said.

"People visiting me are those people who have been type of spinning their wheels and they need that next step -- to make the commitment. They are going to make that dedication to themselves and also to us," she said.

EverFit often works together with post-surgical patients.

"Some of our most typical ones are knee and hip replacements, and shoulders," Rzendzian said. "We work with a lot of those who have had those surgeries. Usually it's when they are completed with their physical therapists."

Other clients simply want to maintain their level of fitness and well-being.

"A lot of our people are 40-plus or 50-plus years old, and they would like to feel good when they work out. They do not wish to be hurt," she said.

Trainer Sue Stevenson focuses on dealing with clients who've physical ailments. Stevenson brought lots of fitness lingzhi 3x slimming power equipment, too has her more than Twenty five years of expertise, to EverFit because she wished to work with Rzendzian.

"We have the same philosophy," Stevenson said. "We're both thinking about keeping the clients' benefits at heart. We've found over and over again that most people (within this business) are only inside it for themselves and not for the client."


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