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Exercising Could make You Gain Weight, Study Says


New research finds that exercise might not help you slim down after all. Exercise may prove to have many health advantages, however Slim Xtreme Pills dropping excess weight isn't one of these. 
The brand new study indicates that many people who pick up exercising generally gain weight, The New York Times reported, and the weight gain is mainly fat, not muscle. 
Generally people think to lose weight you must burn more calories than you consume. However, it seems many people do not flourish in losing weight no matter what method they try. 
Many people attempt to add exercising into their schedules, which is great. However, research conducted recently found people lost one-third of what they likely to lose when you exercise. 
The new study was conducted by scientists at Arizona State University. The scientists recruited 81 healthy women who were overweight. A few of the women were significantly heavier than the others. 
None of the women had exercised regularly within the past year. Each one of the 81 women were told they'd be joining an exercise study and participate in a workout program. The scientists asked the study participants not to change bad eating habits. 
At the outset of the research scientists determined each participant's weight, body mass index, number of body fat, endurance level and measurements of the overall health and fitness. 
The women then stepped onto a treadmill three times per week for 12 weeks in a speed that was regarded as 80 % of the endurance level. They were expected to undergo fitness tests every month throughout the 12-week period. 
At the end of the study, all of the women increased their aerobic fitness. Seventy percent of the women were also fatter. 
Some of the women had even gained as much as Ten pounds. However, a number of the women lost much weight or even more. 
"Some past studies of dieting had indicated that women who weigh more at the beginning" of a weight-loss program "tend to lose excess fat throughout the program," Dr. Gaesser said.
However, scientists found no link Slim Xtreme Reviews between the original fitness test results and the response to the exercise regime. 
Researchers did find that ladies who reportedly dropped a few pounds at the beginning of the research continued to lose weight throughout the study.
Study researchers recommend dieters weigh themselves after one month, PopSugar Celebrity reported. 


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