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Fibre-rich diet helps you lose weight


Certain fibres found in prepared foods for example cereals, cereal bars, baking mixes, and drinks may cause a shift towards 2 Day Diet beneficial bacteria within the gut and assist in weight loss when made a part of a long-term, daily diet, says a brand new research.

The researchers focused on two fibres - polydextrose, which is a common fibre food additive and soluble corn fibre.
"We need more fibre within our diets from lots of different sources," said Hannah Holscher in the University of Illinois in the US.
"These two fibres seem like they may be beneficial when part of a balanced diet along with whole grain products, fruits, vegetables and legumes," Holscher added.
They found that there were significant shifts in the gut bacterial populations with fibre supplements and when the supplements were stopped populations appeared to return to where these were before.
What was most surprising and novel in the recent study would be a transfer of the Bacteroidetes:Firmicutes ratio towards more Bacteroidetes, something they had not viewed previously.
"This was of particular interest to us because other research works show that having more Bacteroidetes is a great idea since the higher that proportion is, the person tends to be leaner. With higher Firmicutes, that individual tends to be more obese," Holscher said.
The researchers used whole-genome sequencing look around the full-range of bacterial genomic information in the gut after fibre supplementation.
Previous research has shown that dietary fibre can also help reduce 2 Day Diet Pills the risk of cancer of the colon, diabetes type 2 along with other diseases.
The study appeared in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.Stay updated on the run with The Times during the India's mobile apps. Click here to download it for the device.


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