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Heads held high as I Love Life group recover it Burrator


ONE month on from finishing their intensive eight week programme The Herald's I really like Life group continue to be battling off to enhance their health and lifestyle. Having just completed a steep hill climb, the group remain positive about life. Emily Smith reports

Just over two months ago some of the I Love Life group hadn't exercised in months coupled with little knowledge of how much Lida Daidaihua Slimming Capsule sugar was stashed in foods, what foods were part of a healthy diet and just how much alcohol could affect weight gain. Now having completed the I really like Life programme the team have forfeit weight and therefore are feeling much healthier and happier.

I Love Life personal trainer, Gavin Seymour, took the audience up Burrator to exhibit them how far they've come on this intense journey.

The team started their climb at the lower tor north east side of Sheepstor. It took they 25 minutes to reach the summit - a hard walk that many of them will not have achieved before.

Helen West said: "We all took our very own time to ascend but we were always close together. It was really fun actually. I got a little out of breath but not too badly really.

"I don't wish to lose anymore weight now. I've lost a lot already since joining Plymouth Community Healthcare's 10 % club. I've reached my goal and gone beyond that - I'm conscious I'd rather not lose my womanly shape."

Fitness expert Gavin Seymour, who organised the task, said: "I felt the planned hike up Sheepstor would be attainable with the groups new found fitness levels and become a symbolic achievement with excellent views.

"The whole route was on uneven ground and was challenging but was perfect to obtain the whole I Love Life group enjoying the outdoors.

"Everyone in the group refused to give up and was rewarded with spectacular views at the top. Some of the team admitted they might not have access to been able to attempt this activity prior to the I really like Life programme and this will inspire these to do these type activities with their families/ friends.

"Overall I'm really pleased with how the group are getting on."

Since joining the I really like Life programme, team member Liam Sheerin is different almost every aspect of his life being healthier. Liam has taken on an exercise class five nights each week, he's also cut bread out of his diet, in addition to alcohol.

He explained: "It was great rising Burrator - it isn't normally something I'd consider doing however I did it I'm thinking about doing the Ten Tors or similar.

"My younger brother is going away tomorrow for nine months and that i wish to keep working hard so he has a surprise when he comes back and sees me."

Mum of 1 Kayleigh Wilks admitted to only buying clothes from charity shops and not feeling confident enough to participate a workout class before the I really like Life programme. Now she's feeling much more confident and is still losing weight on her own accord.

She said: "It really was nice to get at the top of the tor last week - it managed to get all worthwhile. I'd not have walked available online for before, not since I was a kid anyway.

"It felt amazing after i went to the very best.

"I'm still around the Juice Plus+ diet and am continuing to lose weight. People who have seen me within the paper are approaching me and saying I look great and I've lost weight - it's lovely."

Ricky Townsend embraced himself fully in to the eight-week I really like Life programme and recently completed the Saltram half marathon. Walking up Burrator would be a challenging but exciting activity for that 58-year old.

He said: "A bracing wind would greet us towards the top of the tor but a great sense of achievement was there as we pictured our victory. The views of Burrator and the other tors surrounding us were magnificent. The wind was relentless, invigorating and bracing once we stood and admired our ambition and victory.

"We came from the tor retracing our steps and Lida Daidaihua Slimming Pills being lead by Kayleigh - the way blazer - with confidence top we congratulated ourselves on a nice job."

I Love Every day life is a year-long campaign aimed at making the folks of Plymouth healthier and happier by taking small steps to alter their lifestyles. It's run by The Herald in partnership with Plymouth City Council in colaboration with Plymouth Community Homes, Livewell (Plymouth Community Healthcare) and the University of St Mark and St John.


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