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Healthy living: Kimberly Richardson


Kimberly Richardson, referred to as Kimmie Rich, is 34 and resides in the Fondren section of Jackson. She runs Rich Fitness Studio at 2727 Old Canton Road with business partner Cortney Davis. She earned a slimming factor bachelor's degree in English from Jackson State University and taught for a while. She moved away but eventually returned to Jackson to spread out her studio.

Growing up, I loved being active! I had been never what I would consider to be lean, however i played outside as a kid, enjoyed sports like track and volleyball throughout high school, and loved taking group fitness classes like a young adult.

It was my newfound independence upon graduating from college that began my weight gain. I had been a new schoolteacher, new wife and new to living away from dad and mom. I possibly could have chocolate cake every evening if I wanted to, and that i did. This didn't take long for me to grow from the curvy size 14 to some full-sized 22.

Through the years to come, I tried everything to lose weight: health plans, nutritionists, fad diets and prescriptions. Nothing worked.

Slowly and gradually I noticed which i wasn't living. I had been on medication to rest, my blood pressure level was elevated, and I was often breathless and in pain. Finally I made a decision to possess gastric bypass surgery, but a year later, I was still fat. That's when I had enough -- to possess gone through all that and be now borderline obese!

This is when I acquired off my butt and also got in the gym. I lived in a fitness center. I acquired a lot of things wrong, but I was firm. I downloaded workouts, ordered DVDs, watched what others used to do. I grew to really love working out after i knew how you can do it better.

I finished up finding yourself in the gym a lot which i was approached by one gym's group exercise director to consider getting certified to teach a dance class. That certification soon resulted in others, and before I knew it, I had a brand new profession.

I love helping others create a healthy and fit lifestyle. Knowledge constitutes a life-changing difference, especially when it comes to health. And so i made the decision to maneuver back to Mississippi and open Rich Fitness. I started out really small, training in my living room. As clients started seeing results, my numbers grew.

At the beginning of the year I started searching for a commercial space to coach in, and with that transition I took on more clients, had more opportunities to become available and took on a business partner. It's amazing to see your dream grow and are available to life before your eyes!

As for my diet, I like to keep it simple. My basic formula is lean meat like chicken and fish, and whey protein; along with a complex carb like brown rice or sweet potatoes; then one green, for example asparagus, string lida daidaihua old beans or broccoli. I bake, grill or broil.

Sweets are often of little interest in my experience. Don't get me wrong -- I still enjoy those high fat/low nutrition items like everyone else. I'm just not likely to enjoy them every single day. It requires forever to operate that off!


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