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Josh Heard, 29, of Chamblee, lost 130 pounds


SUCCESS STORY / Josh Heard, 29: From 350 pounds to 220 poundsFormer weight: 350 poundsCurrent weight: 220 poundsPounds 2 day diet strong version lost: 130 poundsHeight: 6 feet 2 "Age: 29 yearsHow long he's kept it off: He soon started Christmas 2012 and reached his goal after June.Personal life: "I am marketing manager for any technology company, and that i concentrate on mobility technology solutions for government -- I work in Midtown, live in 
Chamblee," he states. "I can't wait to marry my best friend in February 2015."Level: "I've been heavy since senior high school," he says. "I've always wanted and tried and fought to lose weight. The turning point though would be a mental awakening. 
Despite the fact that I played sports like a kid, it never dawned on me before which i actually don't know anything about working out, maintaining a healthy diet, fueling my 
body or how my actions contribute or detract from my health. Once it hit me -- fuel your body, make data-driven decisions and track and measure everything, it became clear just 
how my actions helped or hurt my health."Diet regime: "No diet regime -- I actually do count calories and try to stay within a range," he states. "I eat natural, fresh foods. I -- try not to eat everything from a box."Workout: "I run four days a week over lunch, four miles per day. I bike 2 days each week. Twenty to 30 miles per day. I am going to Atlanta Kick for kickboxing and kettle bell 
in the evenings 72 hours each week. I additionally enjoy to hike on the weekends and do yoga within the mornings."Biggest challenge: "When starting out, it was difficult to stay in the routine and commit toThroughout the journey, fatigue becomes your biggest enemy. Workout routines get 
stale, you receive stressed and depressed by work as well as your health requires a backseat, even if it's just for several days. I have also discovered that my biggest 
challenge today is evolving gears. I'm no more trying to lose weight but rather build muscle and strength."How life has changed: "If I'm able to achieve this, then I can achieve anything. I'm able to face difficult work scenarios, I can face difficult emotional scenarios. Now i have 
the mental tools 2 day diet new version to succeed through difficult challenges," he states. "My body evolved as the result of the items happening within my head. Get your mind right -- you need to 
recognize where you are to determine where you are going."


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