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Layton man dropped a few pounds, gained fiance on NBC Television show


Most Northern Utah hikers have experienced the rugged great thing about Adams Canyon, using its cascading waterfall near the top. Viewers of "The Biggest Loser" got a peek in the scenic trail during an Oct. 22 segment showing contestant Matt Miller of Layton hiking it.

The steep climb could have been impossible for MIller as he weighed 386 pound -- his starting weight on the NBC reality TV. Although Miller, 31, was eliminated in the show, he has lost 114 pounds.
But he gained Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen a fiancee along the way. Using the Adams Canyon waterfall like a backdrop, Miller dropped to 1 knee and proposed marriage to his long-time girlfriend Samantha Neal. Many times on the show, Miller said he was afraid his girlfriend would break up with him if he didn't lose weight.
"It was thrilling to get to propose to my girlfriend like that," said Miller inside a business call interview. "And I'm just glad that they said yes."
Miller is really a former high school wrestler, football player and model who had been sidelined as a result of skiing accident along with other athletic injuries. He was born in Branson, Missouri., and was raised in Grove, Oklahoma. Miller said he's lived in Layton for the past seven or eight years, but travels extensively for business.
"I love living out here in the Rockies," he explained. "Every single time I get a chance, I love to go hiking and do my exercises outside just because I enjoy being in the outdoors. I hike pretty much every day that I can whenever I'm actually here. I try to complete Adams Canyon a minimum of a couple of times per week if I'm not traveling."
Miller's story is is usual for this season's theme, "Glory Days," featuring out-of-shape former athletes. Another contestant is Scott Mitchell of Mapleton, a former University of Utah quarterback and NFL player, whose weight had ballooned to 366.
Miller said his biggest obstacle was changing his "I can't" attitude to "I can."
When he started the show, he often had to use a cane to obtain around for this reason back injuries. He said the show's doctor and trainers gave him confidence.
"They all supported me, and they worked with me." he explained. "I really was boxing myself in, and that's why I had been gaining lots of my weight. I was just like, 'I do not want go do that because I'm hurt. So, 'The Biggest Loser' really allowed me to leave my box, have that 'I-can attitude,' and really begin to do something with my entire life again."
Although eliminated players can't compete for that $250,000 prize, the contestant who loses the best percentage of weight at home wins $100,000.
Since he's gone to work, one of his biggest challenges is keeping up with his workouts and diet on a trip.
As he can't arrive at the gym, he explained he incorporates his old wrestling workouts, that they says act like today's CrossFit workouts.
"I just try to look for time slot to go into a minimal of the hour to two-and-a-half hours each day of exercising," said Miller. "So whenever which may be, among meetings or in between different small business ventures, I attempt to locate that point slot. Be it walking or hiking, about every five or ten minutes I'll start to do push-ups or burpees and air squats, maybe Twenty to thirty of these, after which I'll go for another five or ten minutes. And I really just come up with it as intense when i are able to in that allotted period of time."
He explained maintaining a healthy diet on a trip is "very, very difficult," but "The Biggest Loser" nutritionist Cheryl Forberg gave him several suggestions, such as packing along cut-up veggies like cucumbers, and "and such things as beef jerky that are not going to expire, that you could undertake airplanes so when you're driving."
Nearly every restaurant has some type of salad, he added.
"So I usually attempt to get like a grilled chicken salad with maybe vinaigrette type dressing or olive oil and vinegar. And then I try to do maybe only a yams versus a normal potato, or I substitute a few of the other things for broccoli or cauliflower So it's really about creating the right choices when you're there. Despite the fact that it's very difficult, you may still get a wonderful meal along with a healthy meal."
He explained it has been interesting to look at the show because it airs (locally, it's on Thursday Zi Xiu Tang Beauty Face Figure nights at 7 p.m.).
"Obviously there's only a lot you are able to compact into an hour on the program," he said. "There are simply a lot of hours of footage you don't ever see of the effort everyone's doing, and, everything that trainers are doing with you and working with you on an emotional scale too. So it's very interesting getting to watch it, but it is an enjoyable experience."


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