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Managing Halloween sugar damage


Halloween could be a scary holiday for many kids and parents. That's why Jen McDaniel stopped by to show us three tricks to not only manage the sugary treats of Halloween, but any other 'scary' temptation within your house!

Jen McDaniel is really a Licensed Dietitian Meizitang Strong Version using the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.
Helpful Tips:
1. Hide Ita) You are 3x more likely to eat the first thing the thing is in your cupboard compared to 5th one, so arrange your kitchen so the first foods you see are healthy ones.
b) Simply keeping your counter clear can help you slim down! In a single study kitchen counter tops were photographed, and also the women who had a bag of chips, cookies or cereal around the counter top weighed 8-22 pounds heavier than women without a penny on their own counters.
c) There are many ways to hide tempting foods Place at the back of your pantry, keep healthy food in the 'clear' and fewer healthy foods in the 'dark.' Designate a place of less well balanced meals just like a cabinet inside your garage or basement! These easy steps make tempting foods invisible and inconvenient.
2. View ita) For part in eating candy or any other treat, do it mindfully - and make sure you see it when you eat it! What this means is putting snacks on the plate, not eating out of bag or box.
b) View it by continuing to keep a food journal. Writing down what you eat causes it to be tough to fool you! It There isn't better time to keep a food journal than over the holidays. It has been established the more days you record your foods, the greater weight you lose.
c) So when it comes to candy--Studies have shown that individuals eat about 30 percent less candy when they have to unwrap it, it takes longer to get at the candy plus it is simple to see your candy carnage.
3. Enjoy it!a) Don`t trick yourself into thinking you can`t enjoy any treats within the holidays. Deprivation results in defeat.b) Set some healthy treat eating boundaries. Like putting treats into smaller dishes, enjoying treats without multi-tasking, but usually taking the time to mindfully taste what you are eating, and budget in a 100 or 200 calories of a treat daily to avoid binging on Meizitang Botanical Slimming something later.c) If you take time to setup a house that makes it easy to make a good choices, and mindfully enjoy treats moderately, you will be more likely to manage holidays treats with little putting on weight damage.


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