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Men's Health Challenge: Health drive starting to bring rewards


The Herald is dealing with fitness guru Lee-Anne Wann to obtain Kiwi men from the couch and obtain active. The campaign -- Men's Health: Small Change, Big 

Gain -- aims to obtain four men to Zhen De Shou shed weight in six weeks. Here's their report from week five.
This is not a contest - it comes down to getting healthy. (Translation: It's completely a contest.)
Happily - surprisingly - spending last week in Ny hasn't derailed my weight-loss mission. Actually, I kept losing weight, dropping another kilo on the road. 
Which, because of the amount of boozing I did, is proof of the power of watching your food intake and running the hell out of a hangover in Central Park.
When my boss first asked me to take part I pointed out that my travel schedule might interrupt the exercise and nutrition routine.
"Mate! That's why you're ideal," he explained. "This is all about working exercise and nutrition into busy lives."
And mostly it's exercising. We're into the final stretch now, with just one fortnight to visit. I have been following the progress from the other guys 
A bit of competition is an excellent motivator.
It's Sunday night, I had an excellent swim today and I might now choose a quick jog.
I wish all the best to the three other guys getting involved in this project. 
This week going on Friday night watching the SkyCity Breakers' ultimately convincing win over the Wollongong Hawks - having a dinner of salad and water! I 
was pleased I was in a position to stay with that while others were enjoying pasta and potatoes and drinking beer and wine. Then on Saturday, Peter Gordon's 
fabulous charity fundraiser, Dine for a Difference, where I had just a little wine! On Sunday it was Euro for lunch - salmon and salad and only one glass of 
pinot. For the next week, Lee-Anne has said no more wine and i have agreed. I'm trying to in the gym workouts - rowing machines, dumbells, legs and torso and 
focusing on workouts that burn fat and improve posture. With my case, it's pulling back my shoulders to correct the effects of slouching over a desk for a 
lot too many years! I reckon it's going to take longer than six weeks to repair that. I've done a few good 4km walks including a few (very) short jogs. I'm 
feeling great and with plenty of energy. But I still need work harder at eliminating that gut.
Personally i think like an ex-smoker - you realize those, disapproving looks if someone illuminates within 200 miles, lectures about seeing the light. Every 
time someone asks me how this thing's going I must force myself to prevent a diatribe that may include any or all of the following: "life-changing", 
"amazing", "better than I've felt for - ooh years". Individuals are starting to comment on my weight reduction now (in a good way, not "oh, you looked so 
much better when you were a disgusting blob"). I survived the Stones without wanting, not to mention imbibing, alcohol. Actually, the only real threat to a 
strong finish is complacency. Lee-Anne has been doing her bit to avoid that with a strong pep talk about how mad I'd be to chuck away all of the great work. 
I have some great new recipes to keep my diet varied and a reinforced feeling of purpose. I've got to make sure I don't start being all pursed lip and tutty 
basically see someone eating unhealthy foods.

I've had an execllent week. Yes! I weighed in and i am another 700g down so I've lost 5.1kg all up. Awesome. My eating continues to be great and I'm enjoying 
the food. I'm spending so much time on removing all the toxins from my body in most ways possible. BPA I'm told may be the bad stuff, especially in plastic 
wrap, so I'm attempting to make sure that the majority of my food is organic and not in touch with the terrible BPA. The exercise is the hardest part for me 
personally. I'm just not an exercise kind of guy. My session with Lee-Anne this week was effort again. All I hear is "Abs on. Shoulders back. Breathe" over 
and over and over, but it's clearly making a difference. I visited the NZ Music Awards on Thurs .. A really fun night. Quite a few drinks, and finished up at 
4am. Numerous people in the awards mentioned just how much better I looked, and especially just how much weight I'd lost throughout my neck (Thanks Lynn!) I 
felt so guilty each morning, but I knew things i needed to do in order to recover. Plenty of water, a run and back around the right food. I hope following 
the weekend I have recovered and not gone off the rails. We shall see at my next catch-up with Lee-Anne.
Lee Anne's takeJason: Jason is looking a lot healthier and much more vibrant than he did just a few weeks ago. His Achilles heel appears to be the exercise, that they is 
still calling horrific and not always happening but as I only say, "aim for that stars and get to the moon". Schedule in a single or two extra sessions each 
week, this way when something comes up that stops you exercising you've got a back-up option. And working things to your schedule helps.
Chris: Wow, I have to say I'm impressed with Chris and his focus and consistency on absolutely everything and the answers are speaking volumes of the changes 
he has made. Equipped with newer and more effective recipe ideas this week, we're searching for some more inspiration in the kitchen.
Nigel: We're really in to the swing of things and food and nutrition not even causing a stir with Nigel. I was able to take a look at his breakfast in person 
last week and was very happy to see eggs, avocado and spinach on the menu with water and lemons along with a long black having a dash of cream - sensational. 
Extremely impressed with the rise in movement and postural changes which supports lessen the Jimpness Beauty stress load on your body.
Winston: Impressive! From the plane and a day later virtually directly into body-fat measures and testing. I had been very nervous as anything from routine 
initially can be a challenge when attempting to introduce new habits but he has passed with flying colours. He returned lighter with less excess fat and 
loving Central Park's running tracks. Let's see how much he can pick up the pace now.


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