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Pageant mother secretly feeds daughter tapeworms as weight reduction aid


While there are many unfortunate events that occur daily in the current society, there are none quite as sad like a mother abusing the trust of her own daughter.

In Florida, the ER nurse Maricar 2 day diet new Cabral-Osorio tells the tragic story of the mother giving her own daughter an herbal viagra filled with tapeworms to help her slim down.
The litttle lady checked into the Florida hospital, complaining of intense stomach cramps and pains. The nurse gave the girl an ultrasound, thinking she was probably pregnant. Cabral-Osorio was surprised to see the ultrasound showed no indications of a fetus, but rather swollen intestines.
As the nurse was scratching her head trying to puzzle out the reason, the lady excused herself to the bathroom. Shortly thereafter, the girl started screaming and ultimately revealed the origin of her pain- a rest room bowl full of tapeworms.

"It was a toilet bowl full of tapeworms. It had been so gross and she had pooped each one of these tapeworms. There have been a few which were lengthy and wiggling around trying to get out of the toilet."
The girl was completely shocked and terrified, however the mother did not look at surprised, just guilty and worried. After some questioning, mother finally stopped working and confessed she had bought the tapeworm pill inside a recent visit to Mexico and gave them to the girl to help her lose weight for an upcoming pageant.
The mother stated, "I'm so sorry. You realize, Used to do it simply to make you a little skinnier. You possessed some help before we went on towards the pageant."
This story is definitely an extreme account of what crazy pageant mothers is going to do to their own offspring to just enable them to "get ahead" and win the crown. The now-canceled TLC reality show "Toddlers and Tiaras" aired dozens of stories of mothers attempting to live vicariously through their young daughters.

A number of these mothers would spend thousands of dollars on hair and cosmetic makeup products, dresses and dance and posing lessons, just so they might relive their youth. The worst part about these stories is that often the daughters could care less about finding yourself in these pageants; it's the mothers that force them to achieve this.
With that said, if you're a parent, and therefore are wanting to have your son or daughter compete in a pageant, an activity, or any other event that YOU enjoy, then it's important that you make sure your child has fun too. Yes, you should encourage your son or daughter to be active and social, however, you should not force them into make a move they do not like. Furthermore, you shouldn't push them to extremes, like feeding tapeworms to help them lose weight, to be able to enable them to "get ahead".
Even if you had a regrettable childhood, it does not give you the right to 2 day diet strong relive it through your child. Remember, your son or daughter only gets one life to reside too. It's your job as a parent to really make it as healthy and fun on their behalf as you can!


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