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'Shameful' 19-stone secret eater from Norton Heights lost greater than 8 stone being a stylish bride


Over three years Abbey Ball went from the 'shameful' 19 stone secret eater for an elegant bride.

Her new-found confidence - achieved zi xiu tang through a combination of counting calories, exercise and a balance diet - saw her 'fall in love all over again' as her boyfriend Zac proposed.

In total, 25-year-old Abbey, of Blithfield Way, Norton Heights, lost eight-and-a-half stone.

She chose to change her lifestyle when she placed on four stone in a year following childbirth to her son Elliot.

She said: "I choose to go from trying to staying in home with Elliot. I didn't know anybody else with children and so i sat around and ate. I had been very lonely.

"I was similar to a secret eater however i was fooling myself and telling myself I hadn't eaten just as much.

"I always ate quite healthy meals, like jacket potatoes, but my problem was snacking. During the night I could easily go through the tube of Pringles, a huge treat or full bottle of Coke.

"I didn't realise I had been extra weight until I had to shop for clothes to return to work."

"My legs were just too large that I used to get a lot of abscesses as a result of lack of circulation and sweating."

In September 2011, Abbey had reached a poor 19 stone - and she and Zac moved into his parents' home.

Abbey estimates she was eating 3,000 calories each day - but felt too embarrassed to carry on with her unhealthy diet before Zac's sporty family.

"I decided I'd had enough. I did not want to be a fat mum anymore," she said.

"I started by counting calories with the phone app My Fitness Pal. I picked an arbitrary number, 1,500 calories, and used that each day to monitor my intake, and Zac weighed me weekly."

Abbey also found a real love for Zumba at Lifestyle Fitness in Fenton and began walking up and down Blurton Road two times a week.

She said: "At 19 stone that was quite a walk however the more weight I lost the greater energy I had. Having a mixture of exercise along with a nutritious diet the weight dropped off. It had been effort but I expected that it is a lot harder.

"Now I consume a more varied diet, with a lot more fruit and veggies. If I get stressed I still crave chocolate however I've that control so I treat myself to something similar to a Curly Wurly. I used to order a chicken korma, chips and a garlic nan from an Indian takeaway every week which amounted to about 1,800 calories. I would not touch that now."

Once Abbey's weight reduction slowed down she went to a doctor for advice, who referred her to Slimming World, which saw her lose two-and-a-half stone in 4 months.

he said: "After joining Slimming World I began eating things I wouldn't have eaten before, like pasta.

It changed my mindset. Now I don't have any processed meals."

The healthier diet also benefited Zac, who lost more than two stone himself.

Abbey said: "I'm a great deal happier using the way Personally i think and appear.

"Not has only it changed me however it leisure 18 has changed my relationship. It seems like we met and fell for each other again.

For him it must be like seeing someone different."

In 2012, Zac proposed and the pair exchanged vows on August 22 this year at Gretna Green, before 40 close friends and family.

She said: "I felt incredible on my small big day. I did not ever think I would seem like that."


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