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Their journey begins: From fat to slot in six weeks


The Men's Health: Small Change, Big Gain challenge is on. Every Monday, starting today, each one of the participants can give us a look into their week. There are certain to be good and the bad, however with the aid of their trainer and nutritionist Lee-Anne Wann, the boys hope to make a change.

Jason Winstanley
I'm pretty average Zhen De Shou when it comes to living healthily. Actually, I'm way below average. I eat too much. I drink an excessive amount of, smoke an excessive amount of and work an excessive amount of.
Sport is something I watch on TV - and not something I do. So in just a minute of weakness, I have been convinced by a few close friends and colleagues to go on a six-week programme with Lee-Anne Wann to assist sort some of these things.
My first catch-up was on a Saturday morning. I managed to pull through the eight-minute treadmill run. Then, after plenty of pinching, prodding and measuring, she told me what I already knew - things are from whack within my life.
There was plenty of bad news, including my blood pressure level.
There is good news too, though. Lee-Anne tells me I have good genes and there is lots I can do in order to reverse the damage I've done to my health.
I finished our meeting filled with optimism. Maybe this really is likely to be okay, in the end. I've kicked things off with some supplements which supports to inform her what's going on with my body.
But the real work starts on Monday morning at 7am.
Wish me luck!
Nigel Morrison
Well, it's started! Been coming for some time. It's started and stopped before but this time I knew I really required to take action. Drop those 10kg (ought to be 20!) and shapin' up.
Dealing with this six-week challenge with Lee-Anne was timely and provided that extra motivation. My first visit on Wednesday - all over the body fat with pincers, and there's a lot to cover!
Pleasing there is a good frame under there just waiting to be released. The street cycling, running and rowing of years passed by did some good.
The gut and also the man-boobs need to go - no argument from me! Lee-Anne's enthusiasm and absolute conviction that she could fix me filled me with optimism.
I felt in safe hands and confident she would do Jimpness Beauty all the work. But 10 push-ups later ... Hmmm, not!
Extended hours, frequent flying (I write this from the Koru lounge, going to Adelaide), rarely eating home-cooked meals, my office on Federal St - between Depot and also the Fed Deli - were a few of the lifestyle challenges.
Pleased I did not have to quit everything I love. Those bacon doonas from Depot aren't so bad after all! Equipped with zinc and multi-vitamin tabs, here we go!


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