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Weight loss formula: take the entertainment out of food


Karen "KJ" Luther's story of going from 387 pounds to 142 pounds wasn't supposed to be a triumph for anyone but her. Then, she posted her stories on Facebook."It seems like a fairy tale. But after my before and after japan hokkaido slimming pills photo appeared on Facebook, a lot of people, in several hours, sent messages."
Now, her page, "Cake? Yes please," has a large number of followers.
In April, Luther, 35, of Barnhart, quit her job so she could chat, blog which help others for any low fee.
The insights she shares didn't come easily.
She was always large, up to 200 pounds in the seventh grade. She coped by being "the funny chubby kid" in her circle of friends.
Beneath everything was emotional pain. She learned early in life that she was adopted. "I had huge worth issues, abandonment issues, rejection issues my well being," she said.
Her adoptive family was good to her. "I had the American Dream growing into childhood," she said. "They had a younger daughter, a dog, pool, stay-at-home mom, church on Sundays --"
Still, "It was easy to eat a lot. Food was the main famous it. I could not separate emotions in a 13-year-old level. But now I can see a 20-year pattern," she said. "I moved through my life lacking a clue that was the deep ... emotional baggage that resulted in addiction or dependence.
"You don't have a food problem whenever you weigh 400 pounds," she said. "You have a you problem. -- If you find yourself a dangerously obese person and tell me there's no pain in their lives, I'd let you know you are the biggest liar who's ever walked the face area of the world."
She ended up in an abusive relationship. She remembers driving into dangerous areas around St. Louis to purchase drugs, including crack cocaine, with her former husband. "I was 400 pounds," she said. "I wanted anyone to love me."
She developed Type 2 diabetes coupled with bouts with bulimia.
In December 2008, after a separation, she said, her husband broke into her house and beat her. That landed him imprisonment.
About that same time, she was let go. She chose to make use of the severance package to consider time to focus on her weight.
"I thought I had been about 250," she said. Her home scale couldn't weigh her. She bought a 400-pound "Biggest Loser" scale.
"I was excited, pumped up. I was likely to change my weight. I took it home, I simplified to my undies, I stepped on it and -- I believed it was calibrating."
Multiple times she got off the scale and back on. The size insisted: 387.3 pounds.
"Every ounce of hope and worth and security, anything good about me which i might have had, it went away," she said, her eyes tearing. "All I possibly could consider is I have end up being the biggest 29-year-old piece of failure like a mother so that as a lady; my son deserved much better than that."
She headed to the shop to purchase sleep aids or something to kill herself. She noticed how the car sank somewhere when she got in. "I was done."
Traffic put her in the wrong lane to go to the store. "I think it had been Jesus. He had other plans for me personally." The vehicle was pointed toward the Arnold Recreation Center about a mile farther.
"I joined the gym," she said, then she went home and "ate until I possibly could not breathe."
She returned to the gym the following day. "It was among the worst times of my life," she said. "I lasted 5 minutes. It had been awful. I recall people staring at me and watching me leave five minutes later, knowing I'd never be back.
"I didn't quit! This time around I did not quit!"
Which was January 2009.
She lost and gained 100 pounds twice within the next 2 yrs when she fell into the trap of thinking if she visited the gym, she could eat what she wanted.
She started writing. She often see in her own words "all the emotional and at this time physical pain I'd gone through within my life."
During the period of researching keeping a proper weight, she found that reducing calories was the very best priority.
She'd set an objective of losing 250 pounds. But not from just exercising and eating right. "When you have to lose 250 pounds, you can't just change something. You change everything."
For instance, eating for celebration or recreation needed to go. She meets friends after lunch rather than facing the temptation. For family functions, she'll eat her grilled chicken and raw vegetables both at home and join the family later.
"I needed to go ahead and take entertainment out of food," she said. "Food isn't designed to entertain you; it's supposed to sustain you."
She admits that her food gets boring sometimes. "But I'd prefer to be disgusted with my food than disgusted with myself, every day."
Once per week she eats forbidden food, such as pizza or tacos or "green slime burgers."
"It's not taking everything away forever," she said. "It's just saying it might not be the greatest selection for you today. I had to figure that out."
She plans to possess some excess skin round her midsection removed after she and her new husband of five months convey more kids. She's no more receiving treatment for diabetes.
She is frustrated, although smiling, that they never hit her 250-pound target weight loss. She weighed recently coupled with lost 247 pounds. And it does not help that she still "sees a fat girl in the mirror."
She plans to become a personal trainer with a specialty in assisting people through morbid obesity.
Her popularity online is that "people say I do not sugarcoat the truth," she said. "I let them know jimpness beauty fat loss capsule this is the hardest thing you're very likely to do in this world."
Her 10-year-old son is really a major triumph, she said. Many kids of obese parents become obese, but, her son doesn't have weight issues. "I refuse to let him go down this road."


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