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What kind of men do women really prefer - hunky or chunky?


Are men that spend hours during a workout session sculpting a toned body to attract the women wasting their time?

Apparently three-quarters of women 7 days herbal slim similar to their blokes more chunky than hunky since they're much less likely to judge their girlfriend's body.

Along with a whopping 95% told researchers that eating out by having an image-conscious beefcake could be a real drag at all .

So should men call time on the treadmill, ditch the dumbells and merely purchase a box of chocs to share instead?

Or are are still enough ladies who should you prefer a hunk in trunks?

Hunky - TOWIE's Danielle Armstrong
When James and that i were on vacation in Turkey there was a real 007 moment as he was climbing out of the pool.

He was all tanned, toned and muscly and I could see other women checking him out.

I was really proud.

There is nothing wrong with being a bit around the cuddly side but I definitely prefer hunky.

I like my man to take pride in his appearance. I really like it when James wraps his arms around me and I can seem to be his muscles - he feels so strong.

I always take pride in my appearance and then try to keep fit and so i think if one partner really protects themselves and yet another doesn't it could affect the relationship a bit.

I think it is good that boys now-adays take such proper themselves.

You read so much about obesity and health problems and it is great to try to eat correctly, work out and keep fit.

I wouldn't want to be having a man who didn't are proud of his appearance.

I go to a lot of effort to make sure I look good, why shouldn't my man perform the same?

Actually the TOWIE boys place a lot more effort into looking good than us girls.

They have a photoshoot coming up and they're all training and watching what they eat.

We were altogether the other day even though us girls tucked into pasta and the boys were on the salads, vegetables and chicken.

Saying that, James is still a man's man - he doesn't wax all his hair off or have Botox or his eyebrows done like some blokes do.

The fact that he's so fit doesn't make me feel pressured.

I am naturally curvy and that he loves that. Basically lose weight he informs me I look too thin.

I like exercising and it is motivating to get along with James because we are able to go to the gym together.

The issue here is, he states he hates me being there! He says I distract him and get mixed up on all the machines.

But I can do a class while he does a workout and I think it really is nice for us to achieve that together.

During the week both of us eat healthily pai you guo slim capsule and then at weekend we can relax a bit more.

We have a "cheat" day on a Sunday where we might possess a kebab, chips or perhaps a Chinese or Indian takeaway and snuggle on the couch to look at The X Factor.

At the end of your day I love a guy who looks good on my arm... and that i have certainly got that with James.


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